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Tripawds Apparel and Gifts

Celebrate Special Moms with Custom Tripawd Jewelry

April 7th, 2017 · No Comments · Gift Items

Tripawd moms are so special. We think Mother’s Day is the best day of all to honor everything they do to give their three-legged heroes a great life full of love and joy. Celebrate the special moms in your pack with custom Tripawd jewelry from the Tripawds Etsy shop!

custom Tripawd jewelry

Save on custom Tripawd jewelry for Mother’s Day!

From now until the end of the month you can save 15% on any piece valued at $20 or more. Whether you pick a custom silver Tripawd pendant or any piece of hammered metal art, your order will always include:

  • Hand-crafted letting and design
  • Personalized names and sentiments for custom orders
  • Thoughtful gift bag packaging with adorable note cards and a treat
  • Shipped directly to you or to the recipient with a personalized note

Our jewelry is made with heavy-weight silver, bronze, brass or aluminum. Everything we do is made with love and attention to detail. Just see what our customers say!

custom Tripawd jewelry

Click to enlarge.

Because every item is made on-demand, the more time you can give us before Mother’s Day, the better we can create that extra special piece you want. Browse through the Tripawds Etsy store as soon as you can and let us know what kind of piece you’re envisioning. We can’t wait to get started!




Get Your Small Tripawds Bandanas, Finally!

January 30th, 2017 · 3 Comments · Apparel

You’ve been asking for it and we finally did it! Three-legged cats, and small but mighty Tripawd dogs can now fly their Tripawd flag with pride!

Tripawds Bandanas Are for Everypawdy!

You know and we do too that four and three-legged cats couldn’t care less about making a fashion statement. But when Purrkins‘ mom wanted him to fly his Tripawds flag, we knew something had to be done. It was just a little too big for kitties of any size, don’t you agree? See how crazy a big Tripawds bandanna looked on him? Yikes!

Tripawds rule bandannas, three legged, cat, dog

“I don’t like capes!” says Purrkins.

Holly and Purrkins, thank you for the kick in the pants we needed to better meet the needs of ALL Tripawds members. We now have Small “I Love Tripawds” bandannas in pink, blue and yellow.

Pay What You Can for a Small Tripawds Bandanna

As always, we understand that members face crazy vet bills. So just contribute what you can for a small “I Love Tripawds” Bandanna. The small bandanas are square and they are 14 x 14 inches, versus the large ones that are 22 x 22 x 30 inches. They’ll fit any Tripawd from the most petite kitty to a Pug or other small dog.

Get Your Small “I Love Tripawds” Bandanna Here

Thank you so much. All proceeds help offset the costs of keeping the Tripawds Nation online!



New 2017 Tripawds Calendars

November 23rd, 2016 · 15 Comments · Gift Items

Three paws up to everypawdy who submitted photos for this year’s Tripawds Inspawration Calendars!

2017 Tripawds CalendarsFour New Tripawds Calendar Designs for 2017

Thanks to all the photos we received, we have four new Tripawds calendar designs featuring inspawrational three legged dogs of the Tripawds Community. See which Tripawds are in each calendar below…

2017 Tripawds Calendars

Tripawds Wall Calendar #18

(Blue Calendar Cover) Inspirational Three Legged Dogs of the Tripawds Community: Ace, Maggie, Leo, Elvis, Bella Kylie, Mia, Bandit, Patchy, Izzy, Bella Mae, Sheena, Cooper, Bruno, Apollo, Skip, Rocky, Jethro, Tex, Joey, Tommy, Rocky, Meg, Bentley, Bud, Dozer

Tripawds Wall Calendar #19

(Green Calendar Cover ) Inspirational Three Legged Dogs of the Tripawds Community: Mayday, Rosco P. Colpayne., Dallas, Barret, Biff, Penny, Ginger, Sully, Maggie, Cooper, Chester, Bella, Chance

Tripawds Wall Calendar #20

(Purple Calendar Cover) Inspirational Three Legged Dogs of the Tripawds Community: Wyatt Ray, Otis, Lilly, Gracie, Hannah, Murphy, Wrigley, Henry, Austin Ray, Codie Rae, Travis Ray, Novak

Tripawds Wall Calendar #21

(Red Calendar Cover) Inspirational Three Legged Dogs and Cats of the Tripawds Community: Alfredo, Meg, Bonnie,
Little Man, Purrkins, Romeo, Juliet, Happy Hannah, Frankie, Isa, Henry, Roo, Murphy, Nitro, Fang, Sassy, Shelby

2017 Tripawds Calendars

Select Your Calendar Starting Month

NOTE: Pick the month your calendar starts!

Tripawds Calendars

Select the starting month for your calendars!

All Tripawds calendars are good for 12 months and can start on any month. When purchasing your calendars, be sure to select the month you want to be first in the calendar.

Tripawds Calendars Make Great Gifts!

Provide inspiration to others facing amputation for their dogs and cats by giving Tripawds Inspawration Calendars to your veterinarian, oncologist, or certified rehab tech. Together we can help spread the word that Tripawds Rule! All previous calendar designs are still available, with more than 100 three legged dogs and cats. Collect them all!

Create Your Own Custom Calendar!

If you didn’t submit your photo this year, don’t worry! Use the Custom Pin-up Calendar options at the bottom of the Tripawds Calendars page to upload your own photo. Or, use one of our recommended Custom Book Publishers to create your own complete custom wall calendar featuring you Three Legged Heroes and Angels.


Enjoy a Tripawds Etsy Shop Thank You Coupon

November 16th, 2016 · No Comments · Gift Items

We’re just as shocked as you are that it’s getting close to “that time” once again. Where did the year go?! Things were busier than ever in the Tripawds Etsy shop this year. We were so honored to make custom Tripawds jewelry bling for more community members than ever before. As our way of saying “Thanks!” here’s a great deal for the coming season:

Tripawds, jewelry, coupon

We have something for everypawdy in our store. From tribute pendants to wall art, pet tags to key fobs, there’s an item with your favorite Tripawd’s name on it — and their human!

Our jewelry is hand made wherever our RV happens to be parked. This year we crafted pieces from big California cities to the Texas Big Bend, up to Colorado and beyond. Who knows where your piece will be made!

RVing, workamping, Colorado

These asses supervised us all summer!

Get Your Custom Tripawds Jewelry Order in Soon

We’re settling in for the holidays and our elves are anxiously awaiting your order. Hurry though, we’re only taking custom orders until December 10th!

Stop by the Tripawds Etsy shop, take a look around and see if we have that special piece you’re thinking of. And if not, we can probably make it for you. We guarantee that each one is unique and made just for you with love from Rene, Jim, Wyatt Ray and Spirit Jerry.





New Tripawds Bandannas Are All The Rage

October 20th, 2016 · 5 Comments · Apparel

Is your Tripawd bored of the same ol’ Tripawds bandanna? Fear not, the latest three-legged apparel is finally here!

Tripawd Bandanas

The Oaktown Pack models the latest Tripawd Bandannas.

Fly Your Tripawd Bandanna with Pride!

The first Tripawds logo was created with our hero Spirit Jerry in mind. And as much as we always loved that sweet front-legged doggy Tripawd design, the times they were a-changing (for the better!). Many Tripawd kitties have joined the community since we began in 2006, so earlier this year Admin Guy introduced the Tripawds Badge of Honor, the new Tripawds logo.


New t-shirts, gifts and apparel with our new badge of pride made it into the Tripawds Cafe Press Store earlier this year.

tripawds logo tagline gifts

And now, we’re pleased to announce the new Tripawds Badge of Honor Bandannas! They’re just as colorful as ever. Sized for medium to large dogs, they’re a wee too large for smaller Tripawd heroes to use as bandannas, but they make great superhero capes!

Tripawds Dog Bandanas

The best part about the Tripawd bandannas? They’re still a “Pay What You Can” item!

Get Your Tripawds Bandanna and Fashion Statement Here!

Because we know that Tripawd parents have extraordinary vet bills, we aim to make it easy for every amputee dog or cat to fly their Tripawd pride without undue hardship. So just click the Support Tripawds button below and pay whatever you can afford right now!

How To Get Your Bandana at Any Price:

Click the desired Support Tripawds button below to name your price and get your Tripawds bandana!

NOTE: Please indicate Yellow, Pink or Blue
in the Comments field upon checkout or we will pick a color for you.
Colors may be substituted based on availability.

LARGE Tripawds Bandanas

Perfect for three legged dogs of any size! Click the Support Tripawds button to donate securely via Paypal. Be sure to indicate your preferred color and include your shipping address.

Donate for Large Bandana:

  • Scroll down for small bandanas!

tripawds bandannas small

SMALL Tripawds Bandanas

Perfect for small breeds and three legged cats! Click the Support Tripawds button to donate securely via Paypal. Be sure to indicate your preferred color and include your shipping address.

Donate for Small Bandana:

  • Scroll up for large bandanas!

NOTE: Recommended contribution is just $12 in the U.S. (add $5 for international addresses) to cover production and shipping costs. Please see original Tripawds Bandanna Announcement for details.

Tripawds Bandanas

“Hmm, which one should I wear today?”