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Tripawd Cuddle Clones Coupons


Use Coupon Code “TRIPAWDS” for 10% OFF any custom plush recreation of your furry friend at Cuddle Clones. Scroll down for more Cuddle Clones Coupons and save even more!

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Create a one of a kind plush replica from a photo of your three legged dog or cat and receive 10% OFF with Cuddle Clones Coupon: TRIPAWDS.

Save more on your custom Tripawd stuffed animal with these Cuddle Clone Coupons:

  • 10% OFF your order of $50+ (No Code Needed)
  • 15% OFF orders of $175+
  • 20% OFF orders of $250+ (No Code Needed)

*** No Cuddle Clones coupon codes required! Discount may require account registration. ***

Cuddle Clones Coupon

Cuddle Clones custom handmade designs capture your pet’s essence. A Cuddle Clone is a handmade soft and adorable, one-of-a-kind plush version of your pet! Create a unique memorial of your beloved Tripawd, or make the best custom gifts for friends and family to honor a beloved pet.

Cuddle Clones are made in a standard size range of 4 to 24 inches in length. The actual size you will receive is based on many factors including type of pet, breed, and artistic interpretation.

Design your own custom plush creation! Depending on your pet, you get to choose the following options; body position, mouth position, ear positions, eye colors, and tail position.

With these Cuddle Clones Coupons:

You save on a special gift and a portion of proceeds from your purchase helps keep your Tripawds community online!

It’s This Simple:

1. Upload photos of your pet.

2. Describe Unique Characteristics.

3. Choose your Cuddle Clone’s position.

4. Save with coupon code “TRIPAWDS” or use the links above to save more with other Cuddle Clones coupons.

Each custom Cuddle Clone is hand-designed by a team of skilled artists to capture everything that makes your pet unique.

More Fun Gifts from Cuddle Clones:

NOTE: Prices and discount may vary depending on items purchased. Get complete details about custom plush replicas of your pet from Cuddle Clones. And find more Cuddle Clones coupons and examples.

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tripawds cuddle clones coupon
Tripawd Cuddle Clones Coupons
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