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Tika’s humor inspired the Tripawds BBQ apron.

Snow may be starting to fall on some Tripawds members, but if you ask their pups they’re sure to say anytime is time for a barbecue! 🙂

And what better way to barbecue – or bake bread for that matter – than in style!?!? Tripawds style that is … this funny yet fully functional apron was inspired by the fun discussion about Tika’s great camping adventure, and the comebacks people come up with for silly comments abut their beloved three-legged friends.

It features the punchline of a joke we were told by a Native American who saw Jerry at Lake Bemidji in Wisconsin, and is solely intended for those who agree laughter is the best therapy.

“Your dog reminds me of a funny story,”  the old man told us. “This old Ojibwe came across a Choctaw with a three legged dog and asked, ‘What happened to your dog?’ The Choctaw says, ‘A dog this good you can’t eat all at once!’

The Tripawds Apron is ideal for any chef – in the kitchen or at the BBQ – and can be found in Jerry’s Café Press Tripawds store, along with many other less crude t-shirts and gift items, including the 2010 Tripawds calendar.

2010 Tripawds Calendar Now Available!

What better way to kick off this new Tripawds Gifts blog than to announce the new 2010 Tripawds recognition calendar? With this wall calendar and calendar print we acknowledge the ongoing support of some of our most active contributors from 2009! Featuring 24 active Tripawds members this calendar makes the perfect monthly reminder that its better to hop on three legs than to limp on four.

This Tripawds Blog will feature selections from Jerry’s three legged dog Café Press store. Proceeds from all sales ensure that the Tripawds Blogs community and discussion forums remain online to help those faced with the difficult decisions of amputation for their dogs.

With custom artwork by Sasha — pawrent of Jerry’s girlfriend Lalla — the 2010 calendar signifies the passion for life amputee dogs and their people enjoy. Stay tuned for news of Tripawds cards, hats, bags, bowls, and t-shirts — for people and dogs —  and other gifts to show your Tripawd Pride.

Tripawds Apparel and Gifts is brought to you by Tripawds.