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Tripawds Really Do Have More Fun

Jerry got a little sidetracked with his last Tripawds Gifts blog post featuring a video of Codie Rae. We know he loves the Regulator – who doesn’t?

But maybe he just got excited after seeing Codie Rae’s underwear, or her new boxer shorts. So, back to the task at hand – introducing all the new Tripawds designs …

With the recent Tripawds Gift Shop upgrade, we launched a few new Tripawds Have More Fun designs – available on everything from t-shirts and hoodies, to mugs, bags, stickers, and gift cards.

And since all Tripawds do indeed have a lust for life, these designs are based an a few of our most fun-loving members, namely: Maggie, Caira Sue, and Codie Rae.

Codie Rae and agile cow dog Maggie prove Tripawds have more fun with their running three legged dog designs and big smiles.

We’ve even got got a fun design based on little Mexican dog calaca figurine a friend gave us for Christmas after removing one of the legs. And of course there is that tennis ball connoiseur Caira Sue leaping for joy.

Here are just a few of the many new items featuring these Tripawds Have More Fun designs. Check out the new and improved Tripawds Gift Shop for more, and know that your purchase helps support continuing efforts to maintain the Tripawds Blogs community!

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tripawds have more fun mousepad journal clock pillow apron and more three legged dogs have more fun cards magnets stickers codie rae underwear tripawds have more fun mugs mags gifts

Stay tuned for discussion about all our other new Tripawds designs! Got a favorite? Let us know with a comment below. Got a photo to share? Email Jerry and we’ll publish it here for all to see how you show your Tripawd Pride!

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