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Creative Kid’s Handmade Soaps Indulge the Senses, Support the Community

Did you know you can smell good, help support the Tripawds community and cheer on a young entrepreneur all at the same time?

Aidan Watson, (AKA: Dakota Dawg’s packmate), has launched Creative Kid Enterprises, which designs handmade soaps crafted from the finest earth-friendly ingredients. We are thrilled that Aidan is offering a one-of-a-kind Tripawds Tri-Pack gift of custom soaps pack to honor Tripawd animals.

dog paw print handmade soap

AND, he’s donating 25% from the sales of this item to help support the Tripawds community.


“I want to give Tripawds part of what I earn because they helped Dakota and our family when he had to have his leg amputated. The site helps many people decide to give their dog a chance. Besides, I’ve met Jim and Rene and they’re really nice people who like helping others.”

Aidan is a middle school student who’s hard at work launching his enterprise. His creative lab is a hub of activity after school, as he churns out aromatic soaps for loyal customers.


Aidan says:

I enjoy making nifty items that are fun, like my Suds-sicles and Lego soap blocks. I use organic palm oil from sustainable sources and other premium ingredients proven to be good for your skin, like cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil and avocado oil.

When you order a custom Tripawds Tri-Pack of soaps for just $10, Aidan will customize your suds with the scent and color of your choice. For example, choose from fragrances like:

  • Peppermint oil
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Tea tree essential oil

And he’ll make your soaps in virtually any color you can imagine!


If you’re looking for the perfect way to indulge your senses or give a gift to your favorite pet lover, remember, the Creative Kid’s Tri-Pack of Custom soaps is a great choice!

dog paw print handmade soap

The Tri-Pack is a win-win for everypawdy! Order yours today at The Creative Kid’s website.


3 Responses to “Creative Kid’s Handmade Soaps Indulge the Senses, Support the Community”

  1. I purchased 20 bars of soap from Aidan for Christmas presents. People are still raving about how wonderful the look and smell! And I was happy to tell them about Aidan and how he was donating part of his income from sales to tripawds–a real win/win!

    I’m sure Aidan will have Valentine soap, Easter soap, and soap for any and all occasions! Keep checking back as he adds new selections often.

    Thank you, Aidan, for helping with my Christmas shopping dilemma. And thank you, tripawds, for the help and support you gave me with my special girl, Hope. Still spreading the word about the wonderful people at tripawds.


  2. Awwww! Did you really Barb? Wow thank you so much, that is really, really sweet of you. Many, many hugs & thanks from all of us.

  3. My mom just received her order of the Tripawd Tripack of soaps – she also ordered a tripack for my grandma for Christmas! OMG Even though I am a smelly dog and I like things that stink, these soaps smell super yummy I really wanted to eat one (i probably could have because they are all natural but my mom wouldn’t let me ugg such a party pooper she is) and my mom just couldn’t get over how absolutely HUGE they were she expected trial size soaps, these are NO trial size soaps, these paw prints are bigger than my own paw! (and what a bargain they are) What she likes best is that these soaps are made by one really creative and cool kid who donates back to my 2nd family at with the purchase of the Tripawd Tripack. Such an awesome thing!

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