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New Tripawds Apparel with Tagline!

Members have often asked for Tripawds t-shirts and apparel with the tagline, “It’s better to hop on three legs than to limp on four.”

tripawds tagline t-shirt

Ask and ye shall receive!

tripawds tagline t-shirt

The latest additions to the Tripawds Gift Shop include these three new designs on t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, other apparel and all sorts of gifts!tripawds logo tagline t-shirt

The new Tripawds logo was introduced when the News Blog was updated in early 2015. The three-paw emblem represents a badge of honor for dogs or cats. It also serves as a merit badge for pet parents who learn so much about post amputation care and quality of life in the Tripawds blogs, forums and e-books.

tripawds logo tagline t-shirts,

Fun silhouette figures represent all the tri-kitties and three legged dogs. Find all these new designs in the Tri Nation section of the gift shop.

tripawds logo tagline t-shirts

Single sided designs feature the large tagline and logo. All double sided apparel features the new Tripawds logo on front, with the large tagline on back.

tripawds logo tagline t-shirts,

Find various bags and other fun gifts and drinkware with these designs in the new Gift Items section too!

tripawds logo tagline gifts

Support your Tripawds community by wearing your three-legged pride to show the world that…It’s better to hop on three legs than to limp on four!

tripawds logo tagline t-shirts,

Browse all t-shirt designs here or visit the Tripawds Gift Shop to see all the apparel options and gifts available.

tripawds logo tagline t-shirtWhat do you think?

5 Responses to “New Tripawds Apparel with Tagline!”

  1. LOVE IT!!

    I just ordered a “baseball t shirt” with the BADGE!

    Outstanding selections!! BRAVO!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  2. I love the new products with the tagline!!! I need to head over to the gift shop to place an order. I’d be proud to wear this in honor of my Angel Leland!!

  3. Daniela & Johnnie September 17, 2015 at 9:52 pm

    How about a Tripawd Mom / Tripawd Dad t-shirt?

  4. Looks great!! I want so many things lol

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