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Playing with Fire and Metal in the Tripawds Etsy Shop

Things are sizzlin’ hot at the Tripawds Etsy Shop. This year we’ve been learning how to play with fire whenever we get a chance.

Custom Soldered Tripawds Jewelry in Progress

With a torch and solder we’re kicking things up a few notches. Now we can create all sorts of different custom Tripawds jewelry. From real silver charms to pretty inlaid gemstones, our pets and people bling has more variety than ever!

Tripawds Bling Before and After

This is how our soldered jewelry starts. We use fire to connect multiple pieces of layered metal.

Custom Soldered Tripawds Jewelry in Progress

Look at the photo below. Do you see the tiny pieces of silver solder in the middle of the top disc? That’s what enables the metal to join together. Not too pretty is it?

Custom Soldered Tripawds Jewelry in Progress

For each piece of jewelry, we layer two pieces at a time, then hit them with the torch. With good timing and a dash of fairy dust, the metal will (usually) stick together. It’s hard to believe that all of that grit and “fire scale” will come off, but with some elbow grease it does.

Custom Soldered Tripawds Jewelry in Progress

Cleaning and polishing takes more time than anything but we think the end result is worth it, don’t you?

Tripawd custom jewelry

Stop by anytime, we’re ready to take your custom holiday orders!

4 thoughts on “Playing with Fire and Metal in the Tripawds Etsy Shop”

  1. WOW! FASCINATING!! The before and after pictures…WOW!!

    Being the proud owner of several of Rene’s pieces, I can tell you, they are even more beautiful in person! Hard to believe, but true!

    And to be made with such love and care puts a sparkle into each piece that comes from a veey special tool she uses….”heart and soul”.

    Time to go Christmas shopping…and with a coupon! Thanks Rene!!

    Much love,

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  2. I often wondered how you did it Rene. This is awesome to see some of the behind the scenes work of our jewlery. I own several pieces that Rene did. One that I ordered before Sassy developed mets. Ordered it before Valentine’s Day and divine universe at work didn’t (postal services got lost some how) deliver it until after we had the diagnosis and I felt that was good luck.
    The 2nd piece is one that Rene did as a gift from Shari (Dakota’s mom) as a memorial to Sassy.
    I love both pieces they never come off unless I am sleeping or showering

    Michelle & Angel Sassy


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