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New! 2016 Tripawds Calendars

New Tripawds Inspawration Calendars for 2016

Many thanks to everypawdy who sent in their beautiful photos! With so many submissions, we are happy to announce five new calendar designs for 2016!tricals-new

Every month features a different inspirational quote with fabulous photos of—yep, you got it—inspirational three legged dogs and cats!

Tripawds 2016 Calendars

See all the new calendars and preview pages in the Tripawds Gift Shop Calendar Section. Read on for more information and to see who is in each calendar.

Five New Calendar Designs

Tripawds calendars make great gifts for your veterinary office, cancer center, or rehab clinic! Five new designs can be found at the top of the Calendar Section.

Tripawds 2016 Calendars

Tripawds Wall Calendar #17 (Orange Cover)
Inspirational quotes with three legged dogs & cats featured: Bailey, Bob, Bruiser Bruno, Chance, Cooper, Daisy, Danno, Dixie, Fang, Freya, Harold, Lily, Louie, Marley, Ruby, Scooby, Slider

Tripawds Wall Calendar #16 (Blue)
Inspirational quotes with three legged dogs & cats featured: Adelaide, Alfredo, Austin Ray, Codie Rae, Fang, Frankie, Hannah, Jerry, Misty, Travis Ray, Triton, Wyatt Ray

Tripawds Wall Calendar #15 (Red)
Inspirational quotes with three legged dogs & cats featured: Barret, Cooper, Domino, Fang, Frankie, Happy Hannah, Jake, Little Man, Mona, Nitro, Roscoe, Sassy, Shelby, Steve, Tanner, Wilson

Tripawds Wall Calendar #14 (Green)
Inspirational quotes with three legged dogs & cats featured: Dave, Domino, Dymond, Eloise, Elsa, Fang, Floyd, Goldie, Jackson, Jill, Lemmy, Mac, Mayday, Meia, Murphy, Sebastian, Vixen

Tripawds Wall Calendar #13 (Purple)
Inspirational quotes with three legged dogs featured: Bart, Bella, Biscuit, Champion, Cicero, Dixie, Mac, Mollie Moo, Murphy, Rocky, Rosco, Tommy

All previous calendars are still available. Collect them all or give them to your Tripawds pals!

Pick Your Starting Month!

With flexible start months and no years on the cover, all Tripawds calendar designs are suitable for use any time of year. NOTE: If ordering before January, be sure to select your preferred starting month!

Tripawds 2016 Calendars

See previous calendars for some incredible Tripawd Heroes. All calendar designs are fully functional year-round, any year! Simply select your preferred month to start your calendar and all pages will reflect the correct year and dates.

All purchases help keep Tripawds online!

Special Edition Just for GSD Lovers

Spokesdawg Wyatt Ray insisted we create a calendar featuring the Oaktown Pack and other amazing three legged German Shepherd Dogs of the Tripawds community.

Tripawds 2016 Calendars

Tripawds Calendar #16—the one with the blue cover—includes Wyatt and his homies, with Tripawds Founder Jerry too!

’tis the Season for Calendars, Cards and More gifts!

While you’re browsing the Tripawds Gift Shop for calendars, don’t miss the Hoppy Holidays Section for a new selection of greeting cards, note cards and ornaments! Looking for fun gifts for family and friends? Browse all designs here, and find t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, mugs, caps, stickers and more!

3 thoughts on “New! 2016 Tripawds Calendars”

  1. BEAUTIFULLY DONE!!!! You’ve really embraced the essence of being a tripawd! Each photo represents the life of a tripawd BRILLIANTLY!! BRILLIANTLY!!!!!

    They show fun, they show happiness, they show such “normalcy”, they show their beauty, they show their heart, they show their joy and they show the love!

    SPLENDIDLY PRESENTATION OF THE GLORIOUS LIFE OF A TRIPAWD!!! You’ve conveyed life isn’t over when becoming a tripawd, it’s just beginning!!

    With heartfelt appreciation,

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. I am overwhelmed with emotion right now. I did miss Jims Forum message stating that they added Bailey Girl for which I apologize. I hope you were able to get good pictures or at least pictures that worked. I had them on photobucket. Sorry for causing issues. One year Anniversarys are very hard Bailey Girl and tomorrow my Dad. On top of it I’m on steroid injections in my spine and feel out of body with a big red face. I love you guys. Thank you so much.
    Love and tight hugs,
    Tracy and Angel Bailey Girl


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