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Eco-Friendly Pet Loss Memorials and Gifts Honor Tripawd Angels

Tripawd dogs and cats gift us once-in-a-lifetime experiences like no other. These eco-friendly pet loss memorials by Peaceful Memories are a beautiful way to honor the many ways our 3-legged heroes touch our lives and our hearts.

Introducing Peaceful Memories Eco-Friendly Pet Loss Memorials

eco-friendly pet loss memorials
The Pet Peaceful Return™ eco-friendly bio-degradable urn.

When we held these natural pet memorials in our hands, we knew we had to share them. Peaceful Memories’ eco-friendly pet loss memorials and gifts are truly one-of-a-kind.

From easy paw impression kits to bio-degradeable pet urns, we love the way these all natural pet tributes speak to the heart.

The Peaceful Memories team is no stranger to beautiful grief support gifts. The company has a 25-year track record creating outstanding memorials for humans who have passed. Now, they offer their talents to pet parents like us.

Unique Pet Loss Gifts Honoring Pets and the Planet

“As a small family organization of pet lovers who have experienced some positive, and not-so-positive end of life situations with our pets,” says Peaceful Memories Brent Williams, “we felt the need to modify some of our bereavement support tool designs into pet-friendly formats as tools to use when a pet has reached the end of its life.”

Pet memorials let us approach pet loss grief and healing in a healthy way. As a bonus, Peaceful Memories’ eco-friendly tributes give survivors a chance to simultaneously honor their furry family member and the earth.

The Pet Keepsake Paw Impressions Kit™

eco-friendly pet loss memorials and gifts
Beautiful to the touch, good to the planet.

The Pet Keepsake Paw Impressions Kit™ can help anyone create a lasting, and tactile pet paw impression before or after a pet’s death.

The result is a beautiful no-bake pet keepsake finished in minutes. Everything necessary for proper use of the impression molding material is included.

DIY paw print impression kit
The Pet Keepsake Impressions Kit™, oval shape for smaller breeds.
  • Easy to use, non-toxic molding material
  • Can be re-flattened to offer a second try
  • Doesn’t stick to skin
  • Archive-quality pet memorial

Decorate the area around the paw impression. You will feel confident knowing the memorial won’t break if you drop it. And the best part is you don’t need a kiln for this high quality, no-bake material.

Comes in a tan colored hand-crafted paper frame. Get it in two different sizes, one for big pets, one for small.

The Pet Peaceful Return™ Biodegradable Pet Urn

bio-degradable pet urn, oval
The Pet Peaceful Return™ eco-friendly bio-degradable urn.

Choosing an urn and deciding what to do with our pet’s cremains is so hard.  However The Pet Peaceful Return™ Biodegradable Pet Urn gives us options to choose a path that feels right.

Spread, bury, or store your pet’s created remains when the time feels appropriate. When it is, you can even recycle the actual urn by planting it in the ground.

  • Earth-friendly pet urns in a heart or leaf shape
  • Includes biodegradable bag with hemp rope tie
  • Features a place to write the animal’s name
  • Plant a tribute with seeded paper ornament included in every purchase.

Made with all natural hand-crafted paper in heart or oval shapes. Comes in three sizes to accommodate a pet’s weight (Extra Small: Pets up to 20 lbs., Small: Pets less up to 35 lbs., Medium Pets up to 135 lbs.).

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Losing any animal is a stressful process that deeply impacts a family’s experience of releasing a pet from a body that no longer serves them. Peaceful Memories eco-friendly pet loss memorials and gifts can ease some of the inevitable heartache that follows.

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