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A Tribute to Three Legged Labs

After Ajax lost his leg to chondrosarcoma, Tripawds member kazy55 suggested we create a rear leg black Labrador Retriever tripawd t-shirt. Well, this lit a long smoldering fire under our butts to launch some new designs for the Tripawds Gift Shop.

Rear Leg Black Lab Tripawds T-Shirt DesignSo… to honor Ajax, Jerry’s girlfriend Lalla, and all the other rear leg amputee Black Labs out there we are proud to announce these two new Rear Leg Tripawds designs now available on t-shirts, hoodies, bags, mugs, mousepads and more!

The new Tripawds Rule design shows that the grass is always greener for dogs loving life on three legs! It also incorporates a little trick Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell taught us when we met him at a book signing with Wyatt ā€“ a little bit a grass can keep you from having to draw lots of dog feet!

The second new design is a bit more refined. Stylish and simple, this three legged Black Lab silhouette shows that three legged dogs stand tall and proud.

Besides, it looks great on the wide selection of colored t-shirts available and organic cotton T’s from E-conscious.

Both designs are available on a wide selections of Tripawds apparel and gift items. Below is just a small sampling …

Tripawds Three Legged Black Lab T-Shirts Three Legged Black Lab Long Sleeve Jersey Three Legged Black Lab Tripawds Travel Mug

Three Legged Black Lab Tripawds Rule Sweatshirts Three Legged Black Lab Bags Mugs Mousepads Gift Cards Three Legged Black Lab Tripawds Rule T-Shirts

With these designs, we’ve also introduced some of the first two-sided Tripawds t-shirts!

More new front leg Tripawds designs are coming up next, so stay tuned! And remember your purchases support this community and help us prove to the world that it’s better to hop on three legs than to limp on four!

12 thoughts on “A Tribute to Three Legged Labs”

  1. OMG OMG OMG I just saw this THANK YOU I LOVE IT I”M GOING SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kathleen and Ajax
    ps who did this so fast?

  2. ps the grass is Central Park – Ajax made his first trip there this morning 11 days post-amp – I was going to do a post but now i am too busy shopping

  3. …who did this so fast?

    That would be that Admin character. But fast? We’ve been on him to get some new designs done forever! Stay tuned for more, soon, really.

    • @Leslie We’ll see what we can do. You can help by providing a good profile or action photo of Dakota or Roxy for us to work with. Or, feel free to submit artwork ready to print (10×10 @ 200dpi) for consideration.

  4. Our Ajaxwear (AKA Lallawear) has arrived and we are sporting it with pride – gifts to grandma and friends – LOVE IT, THANK YOU!


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