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Get Your 2011 Tripawds Inspawration Calendars

2011 Inspirational Three Legged Dogs CalendarThe 2011 Inspawration Calendar is now available in the Tripawds Gift Shop!

When we first saw the beautiful photo of canine cancer hero Lincoln loving life on three legs, we knew we had to include him in the new calendar. It also gave us the idea for the inspawration theme.

Every month in this year’s Tripawds Wall Calendar features an inspawrational quote and a different Tripawds member proving that it’s better to hop on three legs than limp on four.

2011 Tripawds Calendar Dogs

Miss January Maggie
January: Maggie

Miss February Cherry
February: Cherry

Mister March Yoda
March: Yoda

Miss April Comet
April: Comet

Mister May Fortis
May: Fortis

Mister June Lincoln
June: Lincoln

Mister July Jerry
July: Jerry

Mister August Jake
August: Jake

Mister September Wyatt
September: Wyatt

Miss October Caira Sue
October: Caira Sue

Mister November  Peyton
November: Peyton

Mister December Opie
December: Opie

Having just completed our 2010 Tripawds Community Campaign, we chose not to make much fanfare out of the selection process for this year’s calendar dogs. With so many inspirational three legged heroes – both living and past – the decisions were indeed difficult. But rather than solicit votes or try to raise funds for inclusion in the calendar, we decided to randomly select some inspawrational three legged dog photos that we feel represent the Tripawd Spirit.

The 2011 Tripawds Calendar Print features Lincoln alongside all of the inspawrational quotes featured in the wall calendar. This 11×17 print makes a thoughtful and cost effective thank you gift for any veterinary office.

Get your 2011 Tripawds Calendars today!

12 thoughts on “Get Your 2011 Tripawds Inspawration Calendars”

  1. WOW! What a great calendar. And some of my heroes are calendar pin-ups! This will make great holiday and “thank-you” gifts.

    Nancy and James the poodle

  2. Ok, you guys have gone and done it to me tonight! Yes! I’m bawling my eyeballs out to see my Maggie as Miss January!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And guess what, January is her birth month!!!!!! This is soooooooo special! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I always loved that picture of Maggie and I see you got that nasty leash out of the photo too! 🙂

    The whole calendar is truly beautiful!!! Off to buy now! And share with all my friends so they will buy too!!!!!!!!!!
    What a great job you guys did! LOVE the theme!

    WOW…this calendar says it all for us Tripawd owners!!

    Tracy, a VERY proud to AgileCowDog Maggie!

  3. Who’s the prettiest Corgi/Lab mix? Oh, I can’t help but puffing up with pride! So, you guys will just have to put up with me and my Comet boasting!

    I love, love the words of wisdom on Comet’s page!

    Thanks for letting that extra 4th legged dog pass through the cracks!

    Oh, and Monkeybutt says he’s coming up with his own Monkeydog Calendar – not sure what that means…

  4. I couldn’t have been given a better present after a miserable week. While waiting for a jury verdict, after 13 long hours at work, and not a positive thought in my head, I logged on to the Tripawds site to see this!!

    My boy, in lights, so to speak. I smiled and then giggled and then ran around and made anyone in my path look at the calendar.

    We are humbled and proud and thankful and I no longer even remember why I was so grumpy earlier.

    Thank you Tripawds. Thank you Lincoln. Thank you Jim and Rene!

  5. Thanks so much for including Fortis in the Tripawds calendar. It means the world to us.

    Fortis is proudly placed between the beautiful sweet Comet and the brave and noble Lincoln. There is no finer place.

    I can’t wait to send one to my mother in Florida.

    Thank you

  6. I’ve heard enough out of you Lincoln! I’m sweet like artificially sweetened syrup! So there!

    I was going write something nice with my pawtograph to you.
    Now, it’s going to go something like this, “Did you hear the joke about the two blonds that went into a bar….?”


    Cool Cat & Artificially Sweetened Comet.

  7. Well now I know that Brett said that because Fortis has a ginormous crush on you…I guess you better hope that Fortis likes Splenda, huh?

    I hope he is still in love when he realizes that you still have all four legs. 🙂 You’re sort of a triposter.

    And Comet, I can’t wait to hear the rest of that joke…I bet it’s pretty funny. You know, not all dumbs are blonde!

    Lincoln… aka “The Big Stink”, aka “Clifford”.

  8. Ha. Ha. Ha. Lincoln aka “Big Smelly Stink”. I see fame went to your ‘party trick’ head!

    I know how to get you back…I’m gonna mail monkeybutt to your mom and you know your mom will take any dog with open arms! And then, you’ll be stuck with annoying ugly monkeybutt! Just see if you’ll be the center of attention with him around! He won’t let you!

    So there.

    Cool as Cool Gets – Comet

  9. Maybe it did go to my head…it does have a soft spot, so it’s pretty easy for it to soak in. But cool is cool, and I am cool. By the way Comet, I’m so cool, people in the next state have to wear a sweater. In fact, even dogs in Nevada have to wear them. You should know.


    And even though my Mom might take that Monkeybutt dog (and she’d probably even really like him), my Dad is a way tougher sale, and he would never let another dog take over my No. 1 spot. Never!

    I gotta go. I have a softball game. It’s what the cool dogs do!

    Even cooler than cooler gets – The Big Stink


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