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Personalize Abby Artwork With A Catchy Caption

Personalize Your Own Tripawds T-shirts and GiftsWe received so many fun ideas for a caption to Abby’s awesome artwork on the Tripawds Gifts Facebook Page that we’ve created another customizable design so you can add your own. Caption that is, and blog address!

When Abby’s mom sent us this fun artwork, we were excited to put it on Tripawds t-shirts and gifts but couldn’t decide on the perfect caption. Now you can add your own. Just select your product, enter the caption you want and change the blog address to your own. Then be sure to share what you did in the forums!

Personalize Three Legged Dog Artwork With Your Own Caption

No Tripawds Blog? No problem! Edit that to say or leave it as is to give Abby the credit she deserves. Below are a few suggested captions from the Tripawds Gifts Facebook Page. Got a cute idea? Share it with a comment below!

  • Tri to Relax
  • Trampy Tripawds Have More Fun
  • Who can resist a tripawd?
  • I’m too sexy for my leg.
  • Tripawds know how to chill.
  • Tripawds give you more room to rub
  • With a body like this, who needs four legs?
  • Bringing sexy back to
  • Who can resist a tripawd?
  • Love me, rub my dog.

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4 thoughts on “Personalize Abby Artwork With A Catchy Caption”

  1. Abby says: “This is way more pawsome than being in that stupid ol’ newspaper contest I was in! Thanks Tripawds!”

    Jackie says: “I think I will order, among other things, a tote bag for my mother that says ‘My granddaughter is a dog.’ Thanks. Can’t wait to get some stuff!”

  2. Gerry’s shirt (which I will wear) is totally going to say: “My couch needs four legs, but I sure don’t!” Cause that’s totally what my couch hound would say.

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