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New 2014 Tripawds Calendar Designs Available!

With so many photos submitted of terrific tripawds we’ve made three new Tripawds Calendars for 2104.

2014 Tripawds Calendars

Many thanks to everyone who sent in pictures of their three legged friends! Any images of adequate resolution were included in two calendars featuring full page photos. All other smaller images were combined with others on collage pages in the third design this year.

Select Starting Calendar MonthRemember: All previous Tripawds calendar designs are functional year-round, any year. Simply select the month you want your calendar to start on before placing your order. There are now ten designs to choose from featuring Tripawd Heroes from years gone by. Collect them all!

Tripawds Calendars Make Great Gifts!

You will also find two inexpensive Tripawds calendar prints filled with inspawrational quotes, and pin-up posters you can personalize with your own photo. Stay tuned for the new weekly planner, or make your own!

New Tripawds Calendar Dogs – and Cats! – for 2014

Follow the links below or click the images to preview pages of all the 2014 Tripawds Calendars.

Tripawds Calendar #6

Bowie, Brendol, Adelaide, Barret, Tallboy Bowser, Buddy Golden, Butchey Hudson, Cadence, Carter, Chloe, Dusty, Griffey, Kiki, Clover, Cooper, Charlie Sato, Daisy, Angel, Cookie, Capone, Destiny, Fancy, Trio, Franklin, Shooter, Tahoe, Hannah B Dawg, Indy Windy, Sassy, Hannah, Roxy, Jackson, Sampson, Jip, Leo, Nesta, T Pod, Kwala, Peda, Oliver, Roxie, Daisy Duke2014 Tripawds Calendars

Tripawds Calendar #7

Snoop, Jiro, Anthony Mater, Chance, Bud, Cora, Rosco, Daisy Duke, Maggie, Carly, TJ, Luna, Sasha

2014 Tripawds Calendars

Tripawds Calendar #8

Atlas, Austin Ray, Codie Rae, Charley, Chuck, Elgin, Fang, Yoda, Gerry, Jill, Maggie Moo, Monte, Murphy, Travis Ray

2014 Tripawds Calendars

See All Tripawds Calendars Here!

While you’re at it, check out all of the fun three legged dog and cat designs now available on apparel, cards, mugs and more in the Tripawds Gift Shop or quickly browse all designs here.

See Tripawds UK Calendar #2 Here!

10 Responses to “New 2014 Tripawds Calendar Designs Available!”

  1. Hey gang….
    LOVE THEM… and my sweet goofy Franklin in there!!!!!

    BUT….. just noticed on these calendars that they say 2013…. not 2014 !!!! Look at the individual months!!! Is that because you can choose the month for them to start and that these are just for the display only??
    My right side of my brain is telling me this… but my left side is going.. oh oh.. lol
    I need to order mine soon!!!
    Christine…… with Franklin in her heart♥

    • No worries Christine! Visit the Cafe Press store, select the preferred 2014 starting month and you will notice the preview update.

      The pictures above say 2013, simply because it is still 2013, and we neglected to update the preview for each month. If you start your calendar on January 2014 all months will reflect the correct year. We tried to make this clear in the post, sorry for any confusion.

      We only announced the calendars already since many have asked when they would be available. We hope this addresses any concerns.

  2. OMD!!!!!!!!!!! OMC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    HEART RACING!!!!!!!!


    And a MONUMENTALLY challenging task on your part!! CANNOT imagine …..CANNOT IMAGNE…..the work involved!!

    And Ihad all these “things” I had to do before going to work today. HA! I’m gon a sit right nere and go through each and E.V.E.R.Y one!! Okay, okay, I did go look at Miss November in #6!! Tears of joy! SERIOUSLY!! And for Happ Hannah to be in a calendar is beyond my comprehension……but to be on a page with two of her heros even makes more special, if that’s even possible!! And her whole calendar is full of her neroes!! This whole project s full of her heros!!


    With gratitude and love!

    Sally and Happy Hannah aka MISS NOVEMBER 2014!!


    I’ve ALWAYS loved that particular one of Elgin!

    And I kow Christne will be over the moon happh when she sees Frank n’ Farter”

    And knowing the story behind Sato Charlie makes that even more special!

    and the cover page of Mr. October..I remember when that was posted too and how impressive that poto was!

    Thank you for putting those of us in without the proper “resolution”! Soooooo kind!!

    “Don’t need no stinkin’ resolution to be a tripawd calendar star here”!!!!!!!

    Thank you AGAIN for including all the heros!!


    Sally and Happy Hannah

  4. WOOF!! WOOF!!! WOOF!! WOOF!!!

    Yep, that’s “dog speak” for four! Ordered and on the way!!

    Maybe can order some more next month too!!

    And I can use may amazzon account too (don’t have paypal)¡!

    Sooooooo easy!

  5. I am pretty sure you forgot to include Carter’s picture that was submitted. If not, pls confirm which calendar it is in.

    • Carter can be found in Tripawds Wall Calendar #6. All lower resolution images submitted had to be combined in this calendar to optimize reproduction quality. Click the first image above with the collage calendar to preview the pages.

      If you do not see Carter’s photo when previewing the October page on Cafe Press, you may need to clear your web browser cache. To make so many photos fit in the calendars, we had to upload the artwork a number of times and you may be viewing a cached version of the page.

  6. This post makes me so happy and excited! I love all the calendars! Especially calendar #6! Nesta’s little picture is all I need and I will treasure this forever!! Also I love that it has photos of other tripawd member dogs who have helped me through our cancer journey over the past year. I will never forget any of you, and it’s special that our dogs were together in the world, at the same time, going through this cancer stuff, and eventually they will all be in Heaven together too!
    I am sad the Tripawds Newsletter is being cancelled, as this is how I got my news in my times of Tripawd drought. I miss my Tripawd Nesta, my heart still hurts so bad. But not bad enough to loose touch with you all. In the same light, it makes me happy that you might consider opening another newsletter for those still interested in staying in touch. I have not been on the site in a few weeks (tripawd drought) and the last newsletter is how I found out the calendars are ready!! Yay!! Order up!!


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