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New Tripawds Calendars for 2018!

Many thanks to everypawdy who submitted such awesome photos for the 2018 Tripawds Calendars!

As promised, you will now find three new calendar designs in the Tripawds Gift Shop. Read on to see which dogs and cats are in each calendar. All make great gifts for veterinary offices, pet cancer clinics and rehab centers.

Tripawds Calendar - Pick Start Month

NOTE: All calendar designs are fully functional year-round, any year! Be sure to select your preferred month to start your calendar and all pages will reflect the correct year and dates. For example, choose January if you want your calendar to start with January. The starting month may default to the current month. All calendars include 12 months.

See a calendar from a previous year that you like? Order a 2018 version, it makes a great gift!

Three New Tripawds Inspawration Calendars

2018 Tripawds Calendar #24Tripawds Inspawration Calendar # 24 (Blue)

Featuring: Wrigley, Travis Ray, Skyla, Sheba, Rosco P. Coltrane, Loki, Lily*, Max, Murphy, Cassie, Elly, Codie Rae, Austin, Chance, Domino, Zato

* White Shepherd

2018 Tripawds Calendar #24

Order Tripawds Inspawration Calendar #24 Here

2018 Tripawds Calendar #23Tripawds Inspawration Calendar # 23 (Orange)

Featuring: Super Stu, Sassy, Frankie, Manni, Otis, Happy Hannah, Nelson, Alden, Tommy, Frank, Hobbes, Maddie, Mikey, Tess, Fluffy, Nitro, Shelby, Adelaide, Brendol, Rocky, Pofi, Eurydice, Lily*, Bowie

*Yellow Lab

2018 Tripawds Calendar #23

Order Tripawds Inspawration Calendar #23 Here

2018 Tripawds Calendar #22

Tripawds Inspawration Calendar # 22 (Green)

Featuring: Rocky, Bella, Tai, Bud, Brutus, Gerry Boy, Purrkins*, Hannah, Chipper, Leo, Rookie, Maggy, Olive, Cooper, Montana*, ThreePaw*, Huckleberry*, Tuxedo*, Kala, Sessy, Jet*, Ted


2018 Tripawds Calendar #22

Order Tripawds Inspawration Calendar #22 Here

Didn’t submit your photo in time? Create your own custom pin-up calendar!

Upload your own photo and personalize the text of these calendar prints in the Tripawds Gift Shop. (See bottom of page.) Or…

Create Your Own Custom Wall Calendar Here!

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  1. Quick question, in the green calendar you list “Brutus Gerry Boy”. Is that his full name, or did a comma get omitted, and ‘Gerry Boy’ is my Gerry Boy? Don’t mean to sound conceited, just hopeful.


  2. Thank you so much for featuring my boy in the green calendar. My heart is swelling with pride knowing his smile will be seen by many.

    • So sorry you missed it too! We’ve been announcing this in the Tripawds blogs, and forums, and Facebook page, and via Twitter for the past 5 weeks. The call for submissions also went out in the newsletter a couple times. If you have not already, you can always subscribe to Tripawds newsletter and blog and receive updates via email.


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