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New Tripawds Bandannas Are All The Rage

Is your Tripawd bored of the same ol’ Tripawds bandanna? Fear not, the latest three-legged apparel is finally here!

Tripawds Dog Bandanas
The Oaktown Pack models the latest Tripawd Bandannas.

Fly Your Tripawd Bandanna with Pride!

The first Tripawds logo was created with our hero Spirit Jerry in mind. And as much as we always loved that sweet front-legged doggy Tripawd design, the times they were a-changing (for the better!). Many Tripawd kitties have joined the community since we began in 2006, so earlier this year Admin Guy introduced the Tripawds Badge of Honor, the new Tripawds logo.

Tripawds 3 Paw Badge Logo

New t-shirts, gifts and apparel with our new badge of pride made it into the Tripawds Cafe Press Store earlier this year.

tripawds logo tagline gifts

And now, we’re pleased to announce the new Tripawds Badge of Honor Bandannas! They’re just as colorful as ever. Sized for medium to large dogs, they’re a wee too large for smaller Tripawd heroes to use as bandannas, but they make great superhero capes!

Tripawds Dog Bandanas

The best part about the Tripawd bandannas? They’re still a “Pay What You Can” item!

Get Your Tripawds Bandanna and Fashion Statement Here!

Because we know that Tripawd parents have extraordinary vet bills, we aim to make it easy for every amputee dog or cat to fly their Tripawd pride without undue hardship. So just click the Support Tripawds button below and pay whatever you can afford right now!

How To Get Your Bandana at Any Price:

Click the desired Support Tripawds button below to name your price and get your Tripawds bandana!

NOTE: Please indicate Yellow, Pink or Blue
in the Comments field upon checkout or we will pick a color for you.
Colors may be substituted based on availability.

LARGE Tripawds Bandanas

Perfect for three legged dogs of any size! Click the Support Tripawds button to donate securely via Paypal. Be sure to indicate your preferred color and include your shipping address.

Donate for Large Bandana:

Select & Buy

tripawds bandanas small

SMALL Tripawds Bandanas

Perfect for small breeds and three legged cats! Click the Support Tripawds button to donate securely via Paypal. Be sure to indicate your preferred color and include your shipping address.

Donate for Small Bandana:

Select & Buy

NOTE: Recommended contribution is just $12 in the U.S. (add $5 for international addresses) to cover production and shipping costs. Please see original Tripawds Bandanna Announcement for details.

Tripawds Pet Bandanas
“Hmm, which one should I wear today?”

7 thoughts on “New Tripawds Bandannas Are All The Rage”

  1. Those are awesome. I will have to wait to see what I get on this auction. I might get some for my vets office to hand out with our brochures. Of course I will have to get one for me too

    Michelle & Angel Sassy


    Ordering one for Frankie right now!! Can’t decide between the bue or yellow though! Ohhh my…decisions, decisions!! Just may have to get two!!

    Michelle…great idea about taking some to Vet’s office!

    OAKTOWN PACK!! YOU ARE EXCELLENT MODELS!! Sittin’ real pretty!!!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new logo…i can’t wait until my maw gets me a bandana with the new logo…she said she needs herself one of them shirts also!

    • No problem Lynn! You do not need a Paypal account. Upon checkout at you have the option to use a credit card instead. And, you can call during business hours or feel free to mail a check. Just know that mail forwarding may take up to three weeks to reach us. Find contact details here.


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